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Why Choose the Get Shredded Challenge?

  • All Skill Levels

    Our introductory program is perfect for anyone with the goal of becoming lean, athletic, and healthy.

  • Video Tutorials

    Along with nutritional meal plans, our program offers high quality video workout tutorials for you to follow.

  • Proven Results

    If you follow through with the daily tasks outlined in this program, you will be happy with the results.

What is GS 21 Day Challenge?

The Get Shredded 21-day online fitness challenge will help you lose weight while you tone up and burn fat in the most efficient manner. It consists of core, ab, and total body exercises that are easy to do at home with a busy schedule. It also comes with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that makes it nearly impossible to fail. The nutrition plan is designed to help you develop lean muscle while consistently tightening up that waistline and toning your body.

Quick Results You Won't Believe

Results You Can Expect

This program is designed to melt away body fat like nothing else out there while maximizing solid lean muscle growth. It is a FAST track to RESULTS with our high-intensity cardio, body weight conditioning, and resistance training all in one workout. The GS 21 Workout Program has been developed and tested over many years with hundreds of people. The program provides the most direct and simplistic format to excel in overall fitness and ability. Whether you’re a man, woman, beginner or advanced – following GS 21 will produce SEE-IN-THE-MIRROR RESUTS! The change you want is not going to come along on its own. That vision of a better you is 21 days away if you choose to join the GS 21 program. With our motivational system and private community of like-minded people, you will celebrate new victories for yourself every day. The best part is you can take this program with you anywhere with no workout equipment or supplements required.

  • Weight Loss & Body Fat Reduction

  • Boosted Energy Levels

  • Added Lean Muscle

  • Improved Self Confidence

  • Increased Strength & Stamina

  • Healthier Blood Flow

  • Boosted Labido

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety Levels

Meet Your Instructor

Corey Staples has become one of the most-sought after and respected professionals in the fitness world. Not only is his physique admired, his approach to fitness is trusted because he has provided PROVEN RESULTS for his clients—both male and female, regardless of their age.

As a born leader in the health and fitness world, Corey has changed hundreds of lives with his programs through his extreme attention to detail and obsession with driving results for himself and others.

He believes everyone deserves to grow into a better version of themselves. Most people just don't have the right plan to follow. Getting in shape can seem confusing and daunting for most.

That is why Corey and the team at Staple This have developed a plan that is easy to follow without leading to burnout. Something simple that you can manage at home with a busy schedule.

His systems have been refined over and over again to be broken down into the exact steps that will yield results.

He has faced all of the challenges one would face when trying to get into the best shape of their life and is familiar with the life changes and strategies needed to sculpt the ideal version of yourself inside and out.

His motto—both in and out of the gym? “Don’t endlessly wait for results. Create them. Create you. Be more. Become more and walk into your own greatness!”

Train Anywhere, Anytime

The Get Shredded 21-day course is easy to follow and includes grocery lists, nutrition plans, workouts, and motivation videos to assist you with your fitness goals. It is like having an expert personal trainer and nutrition consultant in your pocket at all times.

The lessons are organized into daily tasks to perform that will take you closer and closer to getting in the best shape of your life. Each day includes a workout, meal plan, and motivational video constructed specifically to take you to the next level in health and mindset.

Our Community is Here for You

Let's shed the weight and keep it off!

  • No Equipment Needed

    You don't need fancy equipment and expensive gym memberships. The whole program can be done in the comfort of your home.

  • No Overpriced Supplements

    Our nutrition plan is crafted to provide you enough nutrients to power your body during workouts and to aid in recovery on rest days.

  • Results You Can See

    You will be truly amazed at how fast results will come into your life and gain the power to transform your body and never look back.

Included in the Program

We want to make sure we exceed your expectations. Because of that we have included bonus items that will aid you in your transformational journey. Below is a list of what is covered in this program.

  • 21 Day Workout Plan - INCLUDED ($199 Value)

  • 21 Day Nutrition Plan - INCLUDED ($97 Value)

  • Bonus Motivational System - INCLUDED ($97 Value)

  • Weekly Nutrition Plan Grocery List - INCLUDED ($49) Value

  • Nutrition Substitution Guidelines - INCLUDED ($49 Value)

  • Results Tracker Worksheet - INCLUDED ($49 Value)

  • Access to Private Facebook Group - INCLUDED (Priceless)

  • Priority Email Support - INCLUDED (Priceless)

Total Value $̶5̶4̶9̶

Available Now for Only $197



    The challenge costs $197.


    We do not require gym equipment to complete any of the GS 21 workouts, and you will not need access to a gym. GS 21 is completely online and can be done from the comfort of your home.


    When purchasing the program, you will have access to the challenge for 60 days from the purchased date.


    Our Program comes with several optional meal guides. All of our meal plans are suggested, not required, however to get the optimal results, following the meal plan will help guide you to stay in alignment with the proper nutrition needed for the workouts provided in the Challenge. You can modify the meal guides to meet your dietary preferences.


    The average time that it will take you to complete the GS 21 workout will be 30-40 minutes. We know how valuable your time is so our goal is to get you into and out in as little time as possible. I can assure you, they may be short, but the effort needed to complete them is HUGE.


    Absolutely!! Our bodies do not know the difference between bodyweight and Free Weights. Our body knows it is tension and how much it is being stressed. To develop your muscles and drop body fat, you must also add overload, a stimulus that makes your muscles want to change!! With bodyweight training , there are a few innovative ways that you can implement to not only develop maximal muscle tension, but to also apply that overload principal. The GS 21 Program was created to be a lean muscle builder and to trim that unwanted body fat. GS 21 is the Program to get for Real SEE–IN–THE– MIRROR RESULTS!!


    GS 21 was designed to take you where you are at in your journey stages of fitness. Bodyweight exercises are in no way, shape or form a cake walk by any means. Your body understands TENSION not weights. We make sure you capitalize on that important factor with the GS 21 program.


    We highly recommend that you contact your doctor to address these questions before purchasing the program.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Before and After Pictures

    • Meal Substitution Guidelines

    • Complete Nutrition Plan

    • Complete Grocery List Guide

    • Results Tracking Sheets

    • Commitment to Yourself

    • Join the Private Facebook Group

    • Resource List

  • 2

    Day 1

    • Motivation Video: Getting Rid Of Bad Habits

    • Week 1 Grocery List

    • Day 1 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 1 Workout

  • 3

    Day 2

    • Motivation Video: Believe It When You Cannot See It

    • Day 2 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 2 Workout

  • 4

    Day 3

    • Day 3 Rest Day Video

    • Motivation Video: Why You Fall Short Of Getting Results

    • Day 3 Nutrition

  • 5

    Day 4

    • Motivation Video: What Are You Worth

    • Day 4 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 4 Workout

  • 6

    Day 5

    • Motivation Video: How To Stop Over Eating

    • Day 5 Nutrition

    • Day 5 Workout

  • 7

    Day 6

    • Motivation Video: Change Is Coming... Be Patient

    • Day 6 Nutrition

    • Day 6 Workout

  • 8

    Day 7

    • Day 7 Rest Day Video

    • Motivation Video: Become The Person You Want To Be

    • Day 7 Nutrition

  • 9

    Day 8

    • Motivation Video: You Are Powerful

    • Week 2 Grocery List

    • Day 8 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 8 Workout

  • 10

    Day 9

    • Motivation Video: Know What You Want

    • Day 9 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 9 Workout

  • 11

    Day 10

    • Motivation Video: Scared To Fail

    • Day 10 Nutrition

    • Day 10 Workout

  • 12

    Day 11

    • Motivation Video: Why Is It So Hard To Change?

    • Day 11 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 11 Workout

  • 13

    Day 12

    • Motivation Video: The Transformation

    • Day 12 Nutrition

    • Day 12 Workout

  • 14

    Day 13

    • Day 13 Rest Day Video

    • Motivation Video: The Resistance To Change

    • Day 13 Nutrition

  • 15

    Day 14

    • Motivation Video: The Magic In Believing

    • Day 14 Nutrition

    • Day 14 Workout

  • 16

    Day 15

    • Motivation Video: Thoughts Become Things

    • Week 3 Grocery List

    • Day 15 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 15 Workout

  • 17

    Day 16

    • Motivation Video: What Do You Have To Lose

    • Day 16 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 16 Workout

  • 18

    Day 17

    • Day 17 Rest Day Video

    • Motivation Video: Does Hard Work Really Produce Results?

    • Day 17 Nutrition

  • 19

    Day 18

    • Motivation Video: My Heart Still Beats

    • Day 18 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 18 Workout

  • 20

    Day 19

    • Motivation Video: The Work Has Already Been Done

    • Day 19 Nutrition

    • Day 19 Workout

  • 21

    Day 20

    • Motivation Video: How To Stop Having Negative Thoughts

    • Day 20 Nutrition

    • Day 20 Workout

  • 22

    Day 21

    • Day 21 Rest Video

    • Motivation Video: U Create U

    • Day 21 Nutrition

  • 23

    Day 22

    • Motivation Video: Let's Go

    • Week 4 Grocery List

    • Day 22 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 22 Workout

  • 24

    Day 23

    • Motivation Video: How To Renew Your Mind When You Want To Give Up

    • Day 23 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 23 Workout

  • 25

    Day 24

    • Motivation Video: How Thoughts Control Your Future

    • Day 24 Nutrition

    • Day 24 Workout

  • 26

    Day 25

    • Motivation Videos: How Do I Know If My New Life Changes Will Last

    • Day 25 Nutrition Plan

    • Day 25 Workout

  • 27

    Day 26

    • Motivation Video: Persistence

    • Day 26 Nutrition

    • Day 26 Workout

  • 28

    Day 27

    • Day 27 Rest Day

    • Motivation Video: The New Mind

    • Day 27 Nutrition

  • 29

    Day 28

    • Motivation Video: Motivate Yourself To Success (A Tribute)

    • Day 28 Nutrition

    • Day 28 Workout

Total Value $̶5̶4̶9̶

Available Now for Only $197